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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Graduate Rates Improve at UMD

To UMD Faculty and Staff,
You are to be congratulated. Thanks to your hard work and support, UMD has experienced an increase in graduation rates. Comparing data reported in 2011 and 2012, our campus has achieved a four and a half percent increase in our four-year graduation rate and a six percent increase in our five-year rate. Without you, this significant change in graduation rates would not have been possible.
Along with your efforts working with students on an individual basis, a concerted effort has been made to engage students in planning their degree progress using tools such as the Academic Progress Auditing System (APAS), the Graduation Planner as well as the 30-60-90 Student Success Roadmap. This fall, 68 percent of students were enrolled in 15 or more credits and more students are meeting the 30-credit annual benchmark, a key measurement in the 30-60-90 Roadmap. The use of APAS and the Graduation Planner confirms to students that they are taking the correct credits. It is through the individual conversations taking place between students and their faculty and advisors that these tools become meaningful and support our ongoing goal of increasing student success.
Finally, we must not forget about students' own desire and dedication to reduce their time to graduation to help lessen their educational costs. The quality learning experiences you provide continue to validate that persistence to graduation is a worthwhile investment for our students and their families.
I want to thank all of you for giving your time and energy to this effort. I am proud of you and these excellent results.

Chancellor Lendley C. Black