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Friday, November 8, 2013

Voluntary Layoff, Voluntary Non-Renewal, and Voluntary Reductions in Appointment

To: Labor Represented, Civil Service and Professional and Administrative staff (non-faculty)

From: Lendley C. Black, Chancellor, University of Minnesota Duluth

Cc: Vice Chancellors, Deans, Faculty and Department Heads
Curt Swenson, Teamsters Local 320
Kathleen Abrahamson, AFSMCE Local 3800 & 3801

Subject: Voluntary Layoff, Voluntary Non-Renewal, and Voluntary Reductions in Appointment

During the past several months I have talked with faculty, staff and labor representatives about the significant financial challenges facing UMD in the immediate and foreseeable future. As part of those discussions, I asked each of you to look at all potential cost saving options and evaluate them in the context of our mission and goals.

To minimize the involuntary reduction of staff, I am announcing today that UMD will offer to staff who meet the eligibility requirements, the opportunity to apply for a voluntary layoff, voluntary non-renewal or a voluntary reduction in appointment if they so desire. These requests would have to meet unit needs and be approved by the unit vice chancellor, by me for the units that report directly to the chancellor, and by the Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity. If approved, employees who elect to take a voluntary layoff or voluntary non-renewal will be entitled to a severance payout and continued medical and dental coverage, as defined by University policy and/or their collective bargaining agreement.

This program does not apply to faculty.

Employee and Supervisor information sessions have been scheduled for later this month. Information regarding times of the information sessions, eligibility, the specific options, the request form and some frequently asked questions and answers can be found on the UMD Human Resources & Equal Opportunity website at http://www.d.umn.edu/umdhr. Should you have any questions, please talk with your immediate supervisor or contact the Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity.

There is a deadline of January 31, 2014 to apply for one of these voluntary options. If you are interested in pursuing this, please discuss it with your supervisor by December 13, 2013.

In offering these options, the hope is that we can reduce costs, while minimizing the potential of involuntary staff layoffs. We are also looking at a wide variety of creative cost savings and efficiencies across campus, and I encourage you to continue your unit discussions as well. I know you share my commitment and desire to see the University of Minnesota Duluth succeed and become an even greater institution for decades to come.


Lendley C. Black