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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Campus announcement regarding Linda Kinnear and HR&EO

Dear Campus Community:

For many years, Linda Kinnear has provided excellent service to UMD, particularly in academic human resources.  Linda retired last week as an Interim Co-Director of the UMD Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity.  I wish to thank Linda for her dedication to UMD and for her leadership during the transition to the new Enterprise System Upgrade Project/Human Resource Management System.  As the ESUP HR campus project lead and HRMS Key Contact, she worked tirelessly to make sure UMD was well represented during the design and implementation phase.

Mary Cameron will continue as Interim Director during the search for a new director.  The Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity has many talented staff, and they are already looking at ways to be as effective as possible and to implement efficiencies that are necessary because of recent system and personnel changes.  In addition, we are receiving assistance from the system Office of Human Resources on the Twin Cities campus.  Additional leadership and oversight is being provided by Elaine Hansen and Wendy Lane, the Office of Human Resources consultant assigned to assist UMD.
Meanwhile, the search for the new HR&EO director is progressing well.  Initial interviews are occurring this week, and campus interviews will begin before the end of June. 

Last week, I sent notes of appreciation to our staff members in HR&EO, our HR Stars, Financial Managers Group, and Collegiate Admin Directors.  Like others on campus, they have been working many long hours and doing their best to handle the complexities and uncertainties of the new ESUP/HRMS system.  Please continue to support our valuable staff colleagues as they help us though this transition.


Lendley C. Black

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