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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Message from Chancellor Black regarding EVCAA transition

Dear Campus Community:

As you know, Andrea Schokker submitted her resignation as Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to me on Monday.  I wish to thank Andrea again for her service to UMD and for the many things she accomplished as Vice Chancellor.  She will continue to be an important part of our university community as a faculty member and researcher, and I wish her the very best.

I am moving forward quickly to identify an interim replacement for Andrea, and I will soon begin the process of conducting a national search for a new EVCAA.  My first priority is to find an interim who is a seasoned, academic administrator, and who can bring an experienced perspective to both the opportunities and challenges we face.  While my intent is to seek an external person, I will also consider a local interim appointment.

As we move forward and focus on clarifying UMD's strengths and opportunities, I am continuing to work with the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee on a series of meetings with students, faculty, and staff at the beginning of next semester. More information about this process will be sent to you next week.

Meanwhile, I hope we will focus on how to move forward in a productive and collaborative manner.  We need to find better ways to have constructive conversations and keep professional disagreements from becoming personal, and resulting in hurtful behaviors.

Please let me know if you have comments or would like additional information.


Lendley C. Black