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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Statement of Support for Transgender Rights

Dear UMD Campus Community:

Last evening President Kaler posted a statement regarding the University of Minnesota's support for transgender rights. Last week, I tweeted my appreciation of Governor Dayton's commitment to protections for transgender students and reiterated my agreement with the Governor and my continued support for a safe and inclusive environment at UMD.

I very much agree with President Kaler's message which states in part:
"Let me be clear. The University of Minnesota stands by our values of equity and inclusion and the right of transgender and gender nonconforming members of our campus community to learn, teach, and work free of any form of harassment and discrimination, including the dignity of being able to use the restroom that aligns with your gender identity. Our support for these rights will not change.

The University will not tolerate harassment or discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression. Furthermore, the Minnesota Human Rights Act provides that all students should be free from discrimination, including transgender students."

If anyone at UMD experiences harassment or discrimination based upon your gender identity, thiswebsite has information about making a report. There are many resources to support you and you can find them by reaching out to the Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity or the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. This website is also a great source for more information.


Lendley C. Black