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Monday, March 19, 2012

Open Forum on Campus Governance on April 10, 2012

Dear Campus Community:

Please join me and the Executive Committee of the Campus Assembly for an open forum on campus governance on Tuesday, April 10, from 1:30 - 3:00 in the Kirby Ballroom. This forum will be an opportunity for faculty, staff and the student leadership to come together and discuss our campus governance structure and processes. I have enjoyed my meetings this semester with many of you, and I appreciate hearing the different opinions and perspectives you have expressed regarding shared governance. I believe our next step is to have an open discussion about these various perspectives and to move forward in a collaborative way toward the structure that best serves us in the future.

I would like to focus on two questions: What about our current structure needs to be changed? What governance system will best facilitate the achievement of our new strategic vision and goals?

The purpose of this forum is not to reach a final decision about needed changes. That will have to be done through our current governance process. Our purpose is to take a major step forward toward clarifying the issues and deciding what needs to be done in order to facilitate change.

I look forward to seeing you at this important forum.

Thank you,

Lendley C. Black