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Friday, April 27, 2012

Gender Neutral Restroom Strategy

April 27, 2012

To: UMD Campus Community

From: Chancellor Lendley C. Black

Subject: Gender Neutral Restroom Strategy

I am writing to provide an update on progress on Goal 2 of the UMD Strategic Plan, which is to create a positive and inclusive campus climate for all by advancing equity, diversity, and social justice. To further Goal 2, the campus has developed the following action plan relating to gender neutral restrooms on campus:
Immediate steps
• Provide two gender neutral restrooms on the third floor of the Kirby Student Center above the bus hub.
• Ensure all new capital construction projects include at least one gender neutral restroom.
• Ensure all major building remodel projects includes at least one gender neutral restroom.
• Clarify and explore changing University of Minnesota standards as they relate to gender neutral restrooms.
• Develop a communication plan identifying where the gender neutral restrooms are located, as well as lactation rooms and changing tables.
Short Range Steps
• Include at least one gender neutral restroom in the planned Heller Hall renovation project.
Medium Range Steps
• Include at least one gender neutral restroom in the planned renovations of the following buildings currently on the campus six-year plan: Cina Hall, A.B Anderson Hall, Humanities, Marshall W. Alworth Hall and Voss Kovach Hall.
Long Range Steps
• Include at least two gender neutral restrooms in the expansion and renovation of Kirby Student Center.
The campus community is invited to provide feedback to each of the strategies, with all suggestions discussed and explored. I would like to thank the Multicultural Center Student Leadership Council Unit Change Team, the GLBTQA Commission Unit Change Team and the Commission on Women Unit Change Team for providing the foundational work and advocacy for this strategy.